Vacuum Rotary Dryer-Mill

ENTOGAMA marks the inception of a pioneering era in drying technology developments, setting new standards for innovation and implementation – introducing the Entodryer - Vacuum Rotary Drying - Mill, meticulously crafted to revolutionize your drying and milling experience.

Entodryer 220
Entodryer 220
Entodryer 220
Entodryer 220
Entodryer 220
Entodryer 220
Entodryer 220

Advanced Vacuum Rotation Technology:

Employing cutting-edge vacuum rotation technology, the Entodryer ensures optimal efficiency by continuously renewing product contact against heated surfaces. This precise process facilitates drying and pulverizing to a fine grind size below 15 microns, setting a new standard for precision in drying technology.

Exemplary Drying and Milling Precision:

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Entodryer - Vacuum Rotary Drying - Mill redefines industry benchmarks for drying and milling operations. Its innovative design guarantees exceptional precision and reliability, elevating your production capabilities to unparalleled levels of efficiency.

Commitment to Sustainability and Compliance:

Committed to sustainability, the Entodryer features an energy-efficient design and environmentally friendly construction. With waste reduction capabilities and regulatory compliance at its core, this machinery offers a conscientious solution for sustainable food processing operations.

Unrivaled Versatility and Durability:

Engineered for versatility and durability, the Entodryer adapts seamlessly to diverse food processing requirements while maintaining long-term reliability. Its robust construction ensures consistent performance, making it an indispensable asset for continuous production environments.

Elevating Culinary Innovation:

Unlocking endless culinary possibilities, the Entodryer empowers chefs and food manufacturers to innovate with confidence. By facilitating the creation of novel products and optimizing processing efficiencies, it propels culinary creations to new heights of quality and sophistication.

Leading the Charge in Green Practices:

At the forefront of environmentally conscious operations, the Entodryer offers a pioneering solution for reducing ecological footprints. By prioritizing sustainability without compromising performance, it exemplifies a strategic investment in greener practices for the future of food processing.

Technical specifications


Vacuum Rotary Dryer-Mill

Model number:

Entodryer 220

Material loading capacity:

60L - 160L

Driver Power:

3 kw/h

Heating power:

10 kw/h

Temperature range:

18C to 200C


Stainless steel


Food, pharmaceuticals