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Entogama is a provider of edible insect-based services and products, specializing in the implementation of Research and Development (R&D) and innovative technologies within the domains of functional food and feed.


Whole dried crickets
Ultra Fine Cricket's Powder
Whole dried crickets
Mealworm's Flour
Fine Cricket's Powder
Whole dried mealworms
Fine Cricket's Powder
Whole dried mealworms

Embrace Culinary Innovation with Our Insect Products

Join the ranks of culinary and pioneers by incorporating our insect products into your creations. Elevate your culinary nutritional profile while embracing sustainability and innovation, trusted by chefs and food professionals worldwide.


Insect Processing

Welcome to our advanced insect processing service, designed for visionary edible insect owners and farmers seeking to elevate fresh insects into top-tier food products.

Processing Machinery

Vacuum Rotary Dryer-Mill

Vacuum Rotary Dryer-Mill

ENTOGAMA marks the inception of a pioneering era in drying technology developments, setting new standards for innovation and implementation – introducing the Entodryer - Vacuum Rotary Drying - Mill, designed to revolutionize drying and milling experience.

Kodular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen

Presenting our latest and innovative offering—a sophisticated modular kitchen designed for efficient and succesful insect processing the food industry.

Our Partners

Entogama News

Bridge2Food Europe 2024 Summit!

ENTOGAMA was honored to participate in this leading event, connecting with innovators in plant-based foods and alternative proteins.

Vacuum Rotary Dryer-Mill's Development

Exciting News! We're thrilled to announce that we've secured funding for the development of our groundbreaking Vacuum Rotary Dryer-Mill!

Entodryer 220

At ENTOGAMA, we're thrilled to unveil our latest breakthrough in industrial processing technology for Edible Insects – the Vacuum Rotary Dryer-mill!